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Therapists are experience counselors for over ten years with professional expertise and therapeutic skills available now to the world community via the Internet and Telephone Therapy. 

  • Counselors are licensed Mental Health Clinician and former Certified Employee Assistant Professional, Certified Addiction Professional, with a Masters Degree.
  • She specializes in (but not limited to) relationships and depression issues, and also provides Christian therapy and theophostic prayer. Therapy model is eclectic, strength and solution oriented, experiential, psychoanalytical, and integrative, combining an individual, interactional and multi-generational approach to treatment.
  • Bethesda Counselling Centre – This counselling centre was started in late 2007 in response to growing need for counselling in a rapidly changing Cayman, where it was felt that an emphasis on Christian values and perspectives in professional, therapeutic healing and strengthening of the whole person would better address the core problems being experienced by many in our modern society. For a brochure or more information, please contact the Bethesda Counselling Center.
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 Licensure Validation 


Florida License # MH6223

To verify current licensure, go to Medical Quality Assurance @DOH.state.A.US  web site and select the Marriage and Family Therapists link.

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Please call 911 for emergency and or if you are in any danger, thinking of harming yourself or someone.

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