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Code of Ethics
You understand that whatever transpires between you and your therapist is confidential. Professional guidelines require all information given in individual and/or conjoint therapy sessions will be held in confidence and not discussed or written about outside of sessions.
Any information given in the individual sessions will not be held in confidence from the partner; that is, information in individual sessions needs to be openly discussed in couples sessions, unless otherwise specified and reasons made clear. This remains at the discretion of the therapist and will be discussed with all participants.
For several reasons, it is better to have the individual sessions fully confidential. Anything that the therapist says in an individual session cannot be talked about or paraphrased outside of that session without the expressed permission of the therapist. No information will be released unless you authorize such a release.
The therapist is understood to have the right to inform the proper persons and/or authorities if, in her judgment, you intend to harm yourself or another person(s), or if you are gravely disabled. Strict confidentiality is maintained except in instances involving child abuse, elder abuse, dependent abuse, and homicidal and/or suicidal communications. Please feel free to discuss with me any concerns you have regarding the confidentiality of these three highly sensitive issues.
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Please call 911 for emergency and or if you are in any danger, thinking of harming yourself or someone.

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